Walkin' Tribute - Symphonic Project

by Mario Forte

Music composed and directed by Mario Forte

Produced by Mario Forte & Benjamin Ribolet

MFMG Records - Released 12.12.2012       

COPYRIGHT ©MFMG - all rights reserved


Album recorded from 2008 to 2010, and released on 12-12-2012. With Special Guest Glenn Ferris

This album was for me a first draft, an "exercise of style", which is not my current artistic world but sometimes reveals the premises of the new directions that my work takes. The main idea was born when i was in school, spending time with hundreds musicians, which made me want to record in Large Ensemble. That's why I have grouped about 100 musicians, sections by sections, to record the all tunes. First the orchestra, then the rhythmic section, and one by one the soloists. The music is rooted in what has been my first influences in the fusion of Jazz, i.e. the American folk music of Pat Metheny, the Brazilian sounds of Egberto Gismonti, but also some more "rock & contemporary" influences in the spirit of Frank Zappa and his writings for orchestra.